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About us

Elleya is a project management and business development consultancy company located in Ruse, Bulgaria, with strategic partners in Romania, Austria, Turkey and Morocco.

We support the growth of our clients with tailor – made services in order to help them:

- access new markets;

- find funding for their new business ideas.

To our team of experienced marketing experts and business networkers, we add our most precious resource: the wide network of contacts built throughout Europe and several countries on other continents. New contacts are added each week and this is possible thanks to our active membership in international business associations and partnership networks. This resource we would kindly offer to you, once you join our clients group.

To our overseas clients who would like to access Bulgaria and from there the EU market, we offer a full service package: from the initial market information through to setting up a company, partner search and tips how to do business with locals.

Our added value to all foreign companies already settled in Bulgaria and the EU/EEA member state businesses looking to locate in this country, relates to our 20 years of experience with EU project management. If there is a suitable funding source for your local business project, we will inform you about it and we will make sure you seize the grant.

Our project managers are our key competitive advantage. If you intent to start a project in Bulgaria, we have the right local expert to lead it for you in its first development stage.

Last but not least: our social cause are our young people. We work with them to develop their entrepreneurship spirit and innovative thinking. We will support any project or initiative providing mentor and/or financial support to our new generation of business leaders!


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