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International Project Management

About us

Elleya is a project management company located in Ruse, Bulgaria, on the edge of the Danube river. We support the growth of clients and partners with tailor – made services to help them to:

1. Shape their new development ideas

2. Draft their business plans

3. Create and train their project management teams

4. Find financing for their new ventures

5. Monitor the implementation

6. Report and evaluate the results and the impact

Our main clients are Bulgarian and other EU based companies who would like to develop their business in Bulgaria: renovate, start a new venture, reallocate a business or make a greenfield/brownfield investment.

We are also active in the public and non-profit sector where we support local actors to successfully implement their development strategies, to improve infrastructure and boost employment.

Our favourate kids are the partnership projects. We work alongside organisations from all over Europe to initiate and manage transnational partnership projects in fields like SME development, entrepreneurship, business innovation, training and education, tourism, environment, culture. We have built extensive track record of cross-border initiatives with partners from Romania, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Greece.

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