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Access to funding

Elleya experts monitor all funding sources, accessible for the businesses in Bulgaria. We maintain a vast up-to-date resource database to help you stay informed about who, what, when and how provides financial support for projects and initiatives of companies operating in Bulgaria. We keep an eye on various types of resources, provided via:

  • EU-funded programmes
  • National grant programmes
  • National and international agencies
  • Venture capital funds
  • Business angels
  • Banks and guarantee funds
  • Project initiatives of different business organisations, etc.

How can you access this service?

Option 1 is to subscribe to our on-line database where all the above-mentioned funding opportunities are listed. Each time when a new grant scheme or a new source is announced you will be notified by e-mail. In this way you will have the whole resource at your disposal at any time you need it.   

For the moment this service is offered only in Bulgarian language. If interested, please contact us for more information and subscription fees.

Option 2 is for you, in case you do not speak Bulgarian, but you still wish to stay informed on funding opportunities in Bulgaria.

If you have a specific business idea or a project that you plan to implement, you can benefit from a tailor-made service. Based on the specifics you would share with us, we will:

  • do a in-depth overview of all existing and upcoming programmes and funding streams and spot those that are suitable for you;
  • match the selected resources with the idea (and the company) and assess whether and to what extend they are applicable;
  • consult on the need to re-shape or further develop your project offer so that it can meet the requirements of a potential donor/investor/credit institution.  

The service can be provided as a face-to-face or on-line consultation session or in a written form, in English or in Bulgarian. The price depends on the type of the project and the time spent by our experts and is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for an offer.

This service is valuable not only to existing Bulgarian and foreign companies with business in Bulgaria but also to foreign investors looking to locate their new ventures in the near future.

Option 3: if your company is always active and open for new business ideas, project and initiatives, we can act as your trusted „funding detectives”. You can rely on us to track daily all available programmes, investment agencies and newly announced grant schemes and filter the information so that you receive ONLY the one that is applicable to you. We structure this to be simple and short but also clear and focused in order to help you decide whether to invest more time or not.

We provide this service in English or in Bulgarian language. The notifications are sent by e-mail. In order to make the most of it we need to get to know you. The better we understand your needs, the better you will benefit from us. 

Our ACCESS TO FUNDING service will surely save you money. But what is more, it can BRING YOU MONEY because you will not miss any funding opportunity that is available on the market!


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