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Energy efficiency at Luxpac

Luxpac is an innovative family-owned company located in Ruse, Bulgaria. They produce unique luxary packiging for a wide rage of industries - food, bevarages, perfums, cosmetic products, verious kinds of gifts.

We work with them on a project for a major rennovation of the company production equipment. A number of new machines are being purchased and installed and new technologies introduced, resulting in:

1. Increased production capacity of the company

2. A shift in energy efficiency

3. Energy efficiency standard introduced

We supported them for accessing funding for this project from the EU-funded programme "Competitiveness and Innovations". We assisted them to prepare an energy efficiency audit report, developed the project proposal and guided them though the application and grant contracting process. At present we work together on project implementation and  are looking forward to successful project completion. As there are new ideas already coming up!    


Sofia 1434, Simeonovo, Zdravets street 5A
Mob: + 359 89 556 0352
info@luxpac.com, www.luxpac.com

contact person: Marinela Dobcheva

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