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If you have an interesting and innovative product, technology, service or a creative solution, already started on your home market and/or well accepted in other countries, maybe its time to target also Bulgaria.     

Though not a very big market (7 mln. people), our country is part of the European union and this makes it easily reachable by all EU-based companies.

For those, who resign outside the EU, Bulgaria is ideally placed to develop production and/or logistics operations in order to access the other European countries.    

How can we help?

We can meet two of the needs you would face every time you penetrate a new export market: access to sound information and reliable contacts.

We know you might have questions about the size and the potential; the prices, the volumes, the competitors, the distribution channels they use, the existing customer base, the cultural aspects…all of these and many more we can answer after an in-depth market research tailored to your needs. As a result, we will deliver to you a comprehensive market report, based on desk and field research having concrete answers to your concrete questions. Any industry is possible. However, if we do not feel prepared enough to cover a specific topic, you will know that well before you decide to commission the service.

Alternatively, if your sales and marketing team has already done a good job and there are only bits and pieces needed, we can assist with filling those as well as with validating the information gathered and filtering it through the knowledge and experience of the locals.

Next step will be to get you into the right contacts. Nowadays you can reach thousands of contact databases and can access dozens of e-marketing and lead generation services. But which to trust? Which will be the most effective? Once an enquiry is received who will deal with it? And what if the potential client/partner speaks only Bulgarian?

Here we step in to help you build your local network of trusted contacts so that you are provided with the best quality solutions. Whether you need a client, a marketing agent, a sales representative, a distributor, a logistics agent, а transport company or any other potential partners and clients, we are in a position to find/recommend. We can also help you set up your local sales office and check on your website and marketing materials to make sure they are produced in perfect Bulgarian.

Last but not least, foreign companies who are looking for local suppliers or need to select quality products made in Bulgaria, can also count on us to source such contacts, get offers, negotiate deals, organize the logistics, etc.

Why can we do that?

Because of our extensive network of local partners built for more than 20 years. And due to the cross-contacts we build daily through our experience and membership in professional bodies and business associations such as BRCCI, BNI Bulgaria and the Bulgarian CCI network. Additionally, we access paid services and business databases in local language where we can check the present legal and financial status of each company and detect any additional information that might be needed.

If you have specific enquiries or need more information, please write to: office@elleya.eu. It will be a pleasure to help. 


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