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Who are our clients

Our services are targeted at companies who plan new projects. Whether this is a totally new business venture, a new market, a new technology or a new product, these are projects that normally require additional investment, specific management skills and bring uncertainty and risk. This is the point where we can give you a hand.

Our services are right for you, if you are:

A Foreign company, that wishes to develop its own business in Bulgaria but lacks:

  • Practical information for the market opportunities and constrains in your field of activity;
  • Trustworthy local contacts for a start on the market;
  • Information what funding programmes are available for you and how these can be of use;
  • Time and management resource to fully devote to a new market development;

A Bulgarian company, small or large, with a clear idea and vision for a new project or new development, but missing one or more of the following:

  • Skills and resources to develop the idea into a bankable project, capable to attract financing (grant, loan or venture capital);
  • Information on available funding opportunities;
  • Time and/or skills to draft a project proposal or prepare a pitch;
  • Time and management resources to fully devote to the implementation of the new project;
  • Time, skills or contacts for developing a new export market.


Bulgarian and foreign companies, as well as freelancers such as management consultants, coaching experts, PR experts, financial consultants, marketing agents, engineers, architects, IT specialists can also benefit from working with us, if they:  

  • wish to add value to the consultancy support they render to clients by staying informed about who, what and how provides funding for business projects in Bulgaria or they wish to apply themselves as providers of subsidized services;  
  • need key contacts in Bulgaria and abroad.


What do we do to help?

  • We offer full service package to investors for a successful star-up in Bulgaria;
  • We develop business plans, project proposals and export strategies;
  • We manage an on-line information platform with up-to-date information on sources of funding (for the moment only in Bulgarian language);
  • We match your new business venture with the most appropriate funding source; 
  • We work with you to develop new export markets.

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