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Project Management

Project managment is not a new skill for the majority of business owners and company managers. And this is because every company has once been just a project. So, out of the few specifics that add value to our services, we do not offer you anything that you cannot do or will be difficult to learn. What we offer is to save you time and help you stay focused at your daily routine while new projects are also on track. How? By commissioning a dedicated project manager. This would mean that we will „lend” you for a specific period of time one of our experienced project managers and s/he will take the overall responsibility for the successful implementation of your project.

What will the project manager do?

  • S/he will work alongside your team the way you would do and transfer his/her experience to your people; train and prepare them to take over when the project is completed;
  • will fulfil specific tasks and attract other external experts, if needed;
  • will plan and control the tasks of the others in the team and monitor the progress;
  • will take management decisions within the competences rendered to him/her;
  • will report to you, advise you and propose solutions,

just like any other external consultant but much more effective as s/he will fully focus on the project, go into the details, work with your team and remain with the company until goals are achieved.

Any business owner, who has ever benefited from the services of a competent consultant, will know how valuable it is to have a professional manager working with you, while sharing his knowledge, experience and contacts. 

Every project manager we propose will be pre-approved by you, with the necessary NDA agreements signed.    

Services are usually paid monthly or quarterly on the basis of a concrete time plan, clear objectives and achieved results. The cost? Well, it will be less than to find (?), appoint and keep (!) an experienced manager on a full-time labour contract or to devote 100% of your time on the project.

And since we cannot be the master of everything, please find below where we can help best:  

  • Start a new venture on the Bulgarian market – we can lead the whole project on behalf of a foreign investor, from the first contact till the start of the operations;
  • Assist with a small business start-up – market validation, market research, business planning, access to funding, sales generation; mentoring support to young managers;
  • Manage a EU-funded project - development of the project proposal, drafting the application and managing the project in case of approval. We can help with project management also if you have already succeeded with receiving the grant by yourself or by using a consultant who is no longer available; 
  • Develop a new export market – research, strategy, business planning, investment allocation, sales generation.

Why work with us?

Because we are fast, flexible and result-oriented. Our task is to help you complete your project on time; within the budget and to the best possible quality. 



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